Mobile Responsive Website BirminghamWhat is responsive website design?

A responsive website is a website that responds to the size of the screen you are viewing on. Therefore the content re-adjusts itself to better sit on a smaller screen and also making it easier to navigate with your thumb. Previous mobile based websites were not responsive, and would load a separate version of the website when you would visit it on a mobile device.

Responsive web design is more intuitive and more cost effective as it does not require you to have 2 separate website versions to be made. It is also the latest technology in web design and if you have an old website, now is the time for an upgrade.

Why do you need a responsive website?

People are now used to mobile responsive websites

In the current generation of website design the most important aspect is how well it looks and functions on mobile and tablet devices.  If your website is not responsive with easy to read and navigate pages and menus, then your customers will leave your website. Older websites load up with very small fonts and customers need to zoom in and out to read and view your pages, which is a very unpleasant experience.

Quick Fact:

Did you know that 70% of your customers are visiting your website on a mobile phone?

Being found on search engines

Most customers are searching for a service or product on their phone through a search engine such as Google. Did you know that Google released an algorithm update called Mobilegeddon – which essentially started removing websites out of mobile search results if your website isn’t mobile responsive. If you already have a website ranking well on the search engines, expect a decrease in traffic if you have not updated your website to a responsive website. If you are expecting to get a new website built, make sure it is responsive.

How Evolvenet can help you?

With over 10 years experience in the website industry, we can help your business with a fully functional responsive website catered to your business. We build all our websites in the latest CMS systems, with modern beautiful savvy website designs. We use professionally purchased imagery that are free from copyright protection and we optimise your website for SEO (Search Engine Friendly).

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