Bing Begins Using Percent Change Indicators

Bing has rolled out indicators that show the percent change for certain factors in their webmaster tools. This means that you can quickly compare past data with your current data and figure out the trend of your website whether positive or negative.

The indicators are very simple to use and they will make it easier to see just how drastically your website has improved or how drastically it has gotten worse.

Using the Indicators

In the Webmaster Tools you simply decide what range that you want to use for the indicators. You can look at the past 30 days to see how things have changed. You can also look at a few months together and you can go all the way up to a six month period of time. After you enter the range that you want to go over a series of percent indicators will appear on the screen.

The indicators feature an arrow pointing up for an increase and an arrow pointing down for a decrease. The arrow coupled with the bright green color or bright red color makes it very simple to see whether your site is improving or declining.

What Pages Is This For?

You can get percent change information for most of the pages that are indexed by Bing. If information for your page shows up in Webmaster tools you should be able to get percent change information on that page as well.

It should be noted that this feature was added to Google Webmaster Tools all the way back in October 2010 but it’s better late than never, and Bing users will probably enjoy this new feature and its simplicity.

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