How to setup Pop3 email account using Thunderbird

This Tutorial has been created because of the fact that we are inundated with clients always asking Evolvenet web design “How to set up a Pop3 Email account using Thunderbird” I hope it helps you set up a Pop3 email account within Thunderbird.

Step 1: – Bore we can start, you need to download Thunderbird

Step 2 – Click on view settings on the main menu.

Step 3 – Click on account actions.

Step 4 – Click on add mail account and then you need to fill in your details.

Step 5 – After filling in your details, you then need to click continue then click on manual config when it comes up.

Step 6 – Copy your email address into your username and then enter in your password. You then need to change your incoming to POP3.

Step 7 – You will then need to change your server hostame to mail.your domain i.e for example it could be “”

Step 8 – You will then need to choose your port number i.e 110.

Step 9 – You would then need to change your authentication to “normal password”.

Step 10 – Your SMTP Details can be provided by your ISP, I have attached a link below to see the different ISPs that you can choose. i.e. for example, we used You will then need to choose your port i.e. 25.

Step 11 – You will then need to click on create account.

Step 12- You may see a warning message depending on your security settings. Please tick the “I understand the risks” and click on “Create Account”.

Step 13- Your email account has now been set up on Thunderbird, and you should now start recieving your emails. You are now aslo able to send.

Congratulations on setting up your email account on Thunderbird.

This tutorial should be similar to as if you were to set up outlook express. However I will upload a separate video tutorial on “How to setup a Pop3 email account within Outlook”
When setting up your SMTP outgoing you will need to ask you network / broadband provider for their SMTP. Please use the following link as I have already searched and complied a default list: Click here…

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