Renew your domain name or you will lose it!

By 13th April 2011Web Design Birmingham

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renew your domain name with evolvenet web design birminghamToday i will try to give you informaion regarding Domain Name Renewals. For thsoe of us who are familiar with the term they will try to avoid being the next innocent vicitim who forgets to renwe their domain name. Of courese all bad things happen in pairs so once you have lost your domain name you pretty much have to except that you have also lost your website.

Please dont let this happen to you!
Having been developing website for more then 10 years i have come across afew occasions when someone has either by mistake or for the sake of afew pounds has left it to late and has had to pretty much start again. domain names must be renewed every 2 years. In the case of a .com domain name you can renew a domain name for upto 10 years. in either case it is very easy to forget to renew it when the domain name comes up for renewal will email you 30 days before the domain name is up for renewal. If of some reason you don’t receive the email, let us look at how you can prevent loosing your website.

What Is Domain Name Renewal
Domain name reneal is a process of buying additional time to use your domain name,Cuntry to belief a domain name is not for life. You are merely leasing it for the allotted time, usually 1 or 2 years.You can choose to keep the domain name by renewing it once the allotted time is up.

The only way you can hold onto a domain is to renew it.

Be Aware Of Domain Name Renewal Scams
Stay alert, the net is full of companies allowing you to renew a domain name for 100 years. Customers are always complaining about renewal scanm service letters. The longest you are allowed to renew a domain name for is 10 years in the case of .com you can only renew for 2 years in the case of

Domain Name Renewal – Don’t Forget Or You Lose