SEO Birmingham : Google has updated its Algorithm

By 1st March 2011SEO Birmingham

Search Engine Optimisation Just a quick update, we are currently doing a lot of SEO for our clients. This latest update confirms what we have been saying for years google will be penalising 1 in 8 websites for poor content quality.

So what does this new update to our favorite search engine mean, well we will all need to start paying more attention to the content of our website, Google likes Original non-copied content.

If your a website owner it is better if you spend more time developing new content. Google likes website that have new content posted on a regular bases. Why do you think twitter and facebook do so well.

Other owners will need to look at the website and see if the site could do with changes to the site structure. You can re-code a website to help Bots easily find the most relevant content on your website.

The changes will effect websites on both ends of the spectrum, high ranking and low ranking websites. If you have a low quality site it will reduce your ranking and of course if you have a high quality site then it will increase your ranking.

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