Top Tips For Creating A Great Website

By 1st August 2012Web Design Birmingham

Although it is always best to hand the creation of a new website over to the professionals it can still help to understand the basics behind what makes a good website so that you understand the services you are getting and can make sure that your website stands out from the crowd. When working with website development services providers you will be better placed to get the site you want if you understand what constitutes an effective website.

Firstly a site must have good navigation. Text and fonts on navigation bars needs to be clear and easy to read and the navigation itself must make it obvious to website visitors where to find the information they are looking for. Navigation bars are popular across the top of the page and also down the right hand side but there are several ways of making these stand out and look crisp and clean.

Secondly as any good web development services company will tell you, the use of colour is very important. If the client has corporate colours then these may need to be adhered to in order to bring the website in line with other online and offline marketing materials. Often the client will have a logo that is ready to be incorporated into their new site but sometimes a new logo and new branding altogether will be called for so the web design team will be prepared for each eventuality.

The third thing that makes a good site is the use of text. Content is very important not only to the website visitor but also to the search engines as it is this content that gets indexed and then determines how well the site can rank in the search engine results pages when optimised correctly using SEO techniques. Pages ought to contain around 200 words of text as a minimum but not be too lengthy as people are not keen on scrolling down endlessly to read the bit of information that applies to them.

Finally, if you have an ecommerce site to enable your business to sell products and services to customers 24 hours a day seven days a week then clear pricing information and a well-known payment gateway are key to achieving a good website. Also make sure that all links are working properly on the internal structure and that the site has a canonical redirect so it resolves with both www and without.