Why is backlinks diversity important?

By 13th August 2012SEO Birmingham

Thank you for visiting evolvenet web design blog today. I’d like to tell you more about backlink diversity.
The amount of back links your website has is important but also the variety of your site’s backlinks is a necessary factor in Google’s eyes.

Let me take a moment to tell you about the importance of backlinks. Each Backlink coming
towards your sites is like a ‘vote of trust’, telling search engines that your site is important. The more
backlinks your website will have the greater are the chances that it will gain authority and all the benefits
that are coming along with it; PageRank, Rankings, Traffic and more.

Evolvenet web design is an expert in SEO, we personally maintain large selection of websites, in various languages, topics,
quality and PageRank. When creating back links for your website we would place a link from an article from with 100s of sites. Evolvenet web design would actually place a fresh page/article for your website with unique content
that will speak about your site and will contain 2 or 3 links toward your site; 1 link to the homepage  and 2
more links that will be directed to 2 different inner pages of your site. This diversity will show Google
that also your inner pages are important and you’ll benefit from it by the rankings of your inner pages
and homepage as well.

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Thank you and check back soon