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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is becoming crucial to ensure that your website is easily found, so today we’ve provided our Top 8 SEO Tips to help you get the best search results for your website.

Website ranking is determined by many factors, the relevance of the keyword or search terms to what the searcher is seeking, the popularity of the search term amongst the people who actually search, as well as technical elements such use of keywords/phrases in page titles, use of all keywrods and phrases within the body text etc. By understanding search terms and developing appropriate SEO strategies, your website can gradually improve its search engine rankings.

The following Top 8 SEO tips are simple techniques that you can use to start improving the search engine ranking of your website.

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1. Encourage respected, industry-related websites to link to your web pages

This is the most important factor in optimising your site. Inbound links from other websites and blogs help the search engines find you and understand what your web pages are about. A website is like a destination in a sprawling city, and links are the roads leading to it. The search engines also treat these links pointing to your web pages as ‘votes’, and the more ‘votes’ you have from good quality and relevant websites, the better.

2. Satisfy the search engines’ appetite for informative text

Customers are looking for information to help them choose a product or service. The search engines help them by finding web pages that provide useful and helpful information about that product or service. Search engines can’t ‘read’ images and animations, so they need informative text. Give the search engines plenty of reading material. This is their food.

The other benefit of providing lots of helpful information on your site is that website owners are more likely to link to your pages and the search engines will reward you for these inbound links.

3. Make sure each web page has a unique title and unique content

Each of your web pages should have unique content and the keywords and title you choose for each page should reflect this. Think of each page as having a different emphasis. It’s important to have a different title for every web page. Need help with page titles and how to edit them?

Search engines rank web pages, not websites, so each page can only be optimised for a handful of keywords and you can’t optimise every page for the same set of keywords. If you try to fill a single page with all of the keywords related to your business, no single keyword will stand out to the search engines and they will not consider the page to be a good match for any specific search query.

4. Use your keywords in your web pages

Incorporate your keywords — in context and in moderation — into the text, headings, links, image titles and descriptions, description meta tags and keyword meta tags of your web pages.

5. Update the text content of your website

The search engines are trying to deliver the best, most up-to-date information to people searching the Web, so they favour sites that are updated often with good quality text content.

6. Study your site’s statistics

Use your website statistics to learn which sites are driving traffic to yours and which pages within your website are the most popular.

Have you paid to have your site listed in a particular directory? Check your website statistics to confirm if that directory is driving traffic to your site.

7. Add interactive features to your website

Give your customers the opportunity to contribute comments, ask questions, submit product reviews, vote in a poll, or forward links and images to friends. These features encourage visitors to return and tell others about your site. Increasing traffic to your site can in turn attract the attention of the search engines. Interactive features such as forums and blogs have the added bonus of encouraging visitors to generate more text content for your website — the very thing search engines are looking for.

8. Look at your competitors’ site content

Which web page appears first in the search result for your chosen keywords? Watch the search results over several weeks to see which pages perform well consistently. How are your competitors using those keywords on their web pages? How is their text information structured? How much information do they offer? Do you offer a product or service that your competitors don’t, or do you service an area they don’t cover? Make sure the distinction is clear to your customers and the search engines.

Why websites don’t rank first

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Imagine a website’s Page Rank as a number that defines how many votes you’ve received from other websites. A high PR means more websites have linked back to you. In theory, a website that has received more votes should be ranked higher. But with votes, same as in the every-day world, these can be influenced. You can pay to have your link placed on a website or add it yourself instead of waiting for someone to genuinely recommend your site.

Just having a high PR (thus a lot of backlinks) doesn’t necessarily mean your website is also relevant for a search query. Because backlinks can be created artificially, these are not always the best indicator that a website is worthy of a good rank in Google’s result pages.

To ensure the delivery of relevant results, Google also looks at other factors such as:

  • Internal links structure
  • Keywords
  • Bounce rate

And even if your PR is good, Google also analyzes the quality of the websites linking back to you. A few of these quality indicators include:

  • Total incoming links
  • Backlinks from high-ranking pages
  • PR of the referring page

There are no exact steps you can follow in order to convince Google that your website deserves to rank first. There are some guidelines though that can help you understand what search engines like and what they don’t like. If you build your website having your visitors in mind, you’ll be covering most of the requirements from the guidelines.

You need to start thinking of ways to make your visitors enjoy their stay on your website. The best way to do this is by creating interesting and unique content. This will not only make your visitors keep coming back for more but it can also help increase and diversify your backlink profile.

By offering the information they need, your visitors will do all the sharing in your place, be it on social media platforms or on their own websites.Also pay attention to other issues that might offer a bad user experience such as slow loading pages, complicated menus and duplicate content.

Next time you see a website with a lower PR ranking better than you, just have a look and see what they’re doing for their users and you’re not. Your competitors can be your best friends when it comes to tips and tricks for pleasing visitors.

Top Reasons or Alibi why People are Not Building Responsive Websites

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Responsive or adaptive websites are beginning to be in demand nowadays. But not all webmasters are building responsive websites. There are various reasons behind this decision.

Because not everything is compatible for everyone, you cannot expect every website owner to adapt to the things that are new or in demand. Website owners decide whether they would make their websites responsive or not; depending on the needs of their audiences and other various reasons.

Reasons Not to Build Responsive Websites

Here are top 10 reasons why some webmasters are not building or transforming their websites into responsive ones. These reasoning are well accepted by many. But this list will also encourage you and those who are afraid to try creating a responsive website so that you can keep up with the tight and dynamic competition in business.

  • I’ve Got No Time for that.

Most people are busy doing things for their business that they think they don’t have enough time to learn something new – say, learning how to build a responsive website. But do not let your busy schedule interrupt your learning, especially if it is for your business.

You have to make time to learn new things for your business or you are in the wrong field. To stay alive in business, you have to adapt to changes and learn the things that you need to embrace for the sake of your business or company.

  • My Content wasn’t Really Designed to be this Flexible.

Many webmasters think that their content isn’t suited to the level of flexibility that a responsive website has. But most web content can be styled with CSS; thus, they can style their content however they want. This enables webmasters to have maximum flexibility on their web content and the design of their websites.

Do not let the kind of content of your website determine the possibilities of your website. You just have to make sure that your website is being useful to your audience, which is most important.

  • I’m Not Comfortable Giving Up Control for the Design.

Often, people think that the web is fixed-width. They cram all of their content into containers and frames because they think that they should make their content and whole website inside a fixed-width for the comfort of their audience.

The Internet doesn’t have fixed-widths or boundaries. You can create great content arrangement on your responsive website if you know how to arrange your content.

  • The Methods are Not for my Mature Tastes.

Many website owners are afraid to try building a responsive website because they think that the techniques that are used in building responsive websites are too undeveloped. But that is not quite true; responsive website design is over a year old now. The techniques have already been tested and proven.

Grab your chance already before you hit your head on the wall because the techniques are already too old for you to try.

  • There are Issues with Browser Support.

Many people think that responsive websites need special plugins or browsers for them to work. But that is not true. Every browser that Internet users use supports adaptive websites. You do not have to worry about building a responsive website and having problems because your visitors cannot view your content or your entire website.

You only have to make sure that everything is working fine – the CSS is working fine and your files are being sent to the right browsers – so that your visitors can view your websites on any browser that they prefer.

  • Mobile Devices can View the Site with No Problems at All.

Yes, mobile devices can view unresponsive websites just fine. But it takes too much zooming and scrolling just to read the entire content of an unresponsive website on a small mobile device. This is a big turn-off to visitors because they have to exert too much effort just to view the entire website.

If you want to make your website be frequented by mobile visitors more often, you should try upgrading your website into a responsive one.

  • It’s Too Expensive.

Many webmasters think that building a responsive website is very expensive and not worth the upgrade. But that is not really the case. If you are going to ask website owners who have built responsive websites, you would find out that the cost of building a responsive website is not really that expensive. And though it is a bit pricey, the benefits of an adaptive website are well worth the expense.

Try to compute how much money you should be investing into your responsive website and you will be happy when you compare it with the beauty, flexibility and convenience of your new site.

  • My Sites Don’t Get Much Mobile Traffic.

If you are going to analyze your traffic, you would see that most of your visitors are using various types of browsers and devices in viewing your site. This means that people are using mobile devices and other devices to view your website – not just desktops. This is the reason why you should make your website more presentable and convenient to your visitors – make your website responsive so that your viewers can view and browse your website conveniently.

  • It’s Too Difficult to Maintain.

It is true that making changes to responsive websites can take a little more work and time than changing stuff on a regular website. But that doesn’t mean that it is very difficult to maintain. You just need to plan ahead and make sure that you are sure about the things that you want to include on your website so that you can save more time and resources in the long run.

It is not bad to make changes to make your website better; just make sure that you plan carefully.

  • My Site’s Visitors have Different Expectations.

Yes, people have different expectations on websites depending on the device that they are using. Responsive websites are not substitute to mobile sites; they are websites created to make the browsing experience of Internet users more comfortable. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot use responsive websites to introduce your content to your mobile viewers. If you want to create a mobile site, then it is fine. But you can also use responsive websites to present your content and your company the convenient and pleasant way.

Why is backlinks diversity important?

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Thank you for visiting evolvenet web design blog today. I’d like to tell you more about backlink diversity.
The amount of back links your website has is important but also the variety of your site’s backlinks is a necessary factor in Google’s eyes.

Let me take a moment to tell you about the importance of backlinks. Each Backlink coming
towards your sites is like a ‘vote of trust’, telling search engines that your site is important. The more
backlinks your website will have the greater are the chances that it will gain authority and all the benefits
that are coming along with it; PageRank, Rankings, Traffic and more.

Evolvenet web design is an expert in SEO, we personally maintain large selection of websites, in various languages, topics,
quality and PageRank. When creating back links for your website we would place a link from an article from with 100s of sites. Evolvenet web design would actually place a fresh page/article for your website with unique content
that will speak about your site and will contain 2 or 3 links toward your site; 1 link to the homepage  and 2
more links that will be directed to 2 different inner pages of your site. This diversity will show Google
that also your inner pages are important and you’ll benefit from it by the rankings of your inner pages
and homepage as well.

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Thank you and check back soon

Top Tips For Creating A Great Website

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Although it is always best to hand the creation of a new website over to the professionals it can still help to understand the basics behind what makes a good website so that you understand the services you are getting and can make sure that your website stands out from the crowd. When working with website development services providers you will be better placed to get the site you want if you understand what constitutes an effective website.

Firstly a site must have good navigation. Text and fonts on navigation bars needs to be clear and easy to read and the navigation itself must make it obvious to website visitors where to find the information they are looking for. Navigation bars are popular across the top of the page and also down the right hand side but there are several ways of making these stand out and look crisp and clean.

Secondly as any good web development services company will tell you, the use of colour is very important. If the client has corporate colours then these may need to be adhered to in order to bring the website in line with other online and offline marketing materials. Often the client will have a logo that is ready to be incorporated into their new site but sometimes a new logo and new branding altogether will be called for so the web design team will be prepared for each eventuality.

The third thing that makes a good site is the use of text. Content is very important not only to the website visitor but also to the search engines as it is this content that gets indexed and then determines how well the site can rank in the search engine results pages when optimised correctly using SEO techniques. Pages ought to contain around 200 words of text as a minimum but not be too lengthy as people are not keen on scrolling down endlessly to read the bit of information that applies to them.

Finally, if you have an ecommerce site to enable your business to sell products and services to customers 24 hours a day seven days a week then clear pricing information and a well-known payment gateway are key to achieving a good website. Also make sure that all links are working properly on the internal structure and that the site has a canonical redirect so it resolves with both www and without.

What Effects My Website Ranking

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There are so many aspects of a web site that can decrease or boost your search engine rankings. Each web site is as unique as DNA and as such, will react differently to different marketing treatments.

What are these different factors that go into your SEO Pricing and your web site’s ranking? Here is a list of the most important aspects:

1. The State of Your Site Prior to the Optimization – Your web site can have many different attributes that contribute to its ability to rank well or not so well. Your site’s PageRank for example, if your PR is a 0/10 or 1/10, it’s going to take a lot longer and a lot more work to get your site ranking well. If your site is poorly designed, contains frames or is written entirely in Flash, a lot of work will be required to redesign your site so that it is search engine friendly. If your site has very few incoming links, a fair amount of link development will have to be done in order for you to see the rankings and traffic you’re after. A web site that has been around for a while and developed its PageRank, has a search engine friendly design and obtains links on a frequent basis, will be able to reach top positions much faster than other sites, once an optimization campaign is under way.

2. The Keywords You Are Targeting – Some keywords are less competitive than others. If you search Google for a keyword or keyword phrase, you’ll see at the top of the results how many web pages are listed in those results. That is the amount of web sites that are competing with yours to reach top page placement for that keyword or keyword phrase. For example, the keyword phrase “web design” has approximately 303 million web pages listed in the results.

This is why you must choose keywords wisely. With tools such as, you can find out approximately how many searches are performed for a given keyword or keyword phrase. The more competitive those keywords are, the higher the cost will be to optimize your web site and the longer the optimization will take.

3. The Size of Your Target Market – If your site is targeting a global market, it will take a lot more effort to reach the top ten search results than if your site is targeting a regional market. It also depends on what sort of market you’re targeting. If your site sells a product that only a small group of people will be interested in purchasing, your site will be optimized easier than if the product or service appealed to the global population. For instance, the keyword phrase “real estate” will require a lot more effort to reach top page placement for than “real estate canada” and even “real estate vancouver”.

4. Competitor Sites’ SEO Campaigns – You might find that once your optimization campaign is under way, your site jumps and slips and jumps and slips several times. This can be due to many things, but the one we’ll look at is your competitors’ sites SEO campaigns. If your competitors are aggressively optimizing their own sites for search engines, they can also be achieving new rankings and displacing your site. This brings us to our 5th and final point…

5. Your Own SEO and Link Development Campaign – Your own link development and SEO campaign should be thorough, covering all the aspects of a well optimized site and utilizing all your resources for obtaining incoming links. If your SEO campaign isn’t approached properly, your competitors can surpass you in the rankings easily. You must be aware of your competition and adjust your efforts accordingly.

As you can see, there are many, many things that make your site unique in the services it requires. Some sites can reach top page placement by just changing a title tag, while others wait 6 months to even be listed on Google. The bottom line is, educate yourself, ask questions, choose the right SEO company and be patient. In time, your top page placement will come.

For more information about what could be affecting your website ranking, feel free to contact us at get a free report about your website.

How to View Adobe Photoshop PSD Thumbnails in Windows XP Win 7 Explorer

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For those who used Photoshop 7, and have since moved up to photoshop CS-2-3 or 4 will probably be missing the abilit to view PSD thumbnails within Windows XP or Winsows Windows 7.  Adobe has removed this feature as it would prefer you use its built in browser. However when you design website for a living you have 1000s of PSD files on your computer. Having to use the primitive Adobe browser just doesn’t cut the mustard.

The Adobe PSD Thumbnail View Solution

The solution is very simple and takes less than a minute to implement. You don’t even need to reboot Windows. The change is immediate.

  • Go to ‘Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore’ and follow the instructions to create a system restore point. In the unlikely event things go wrong, come back to this menu to undo any changes you’ve a made
  • Download and open the file, photoshop_tpsd thumbnails Viewer Hack
  • Copy psicon.dll to C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeShell – if this folder doesn’t exist create it
  • Run Adobe.reg (double click on it )
  • You now can view PSD files in Thumbnails view within Windows Explorer.
  • When in the folder where the .PSD files are, Make sure that you select thumbnails from the views drop-down, or you may still see the icon as before.


How to View Adobe Illustrator AI Thumbnails in Windows XP/7 Explorer

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As a website designer its always good to be able to view the photoshop and illustrator files within windows. Adobe being adobe they want you to use their built in file viewer. That’s ok when your a new company and only have a few files. However when you have 1000s of loyal website design and design for print customers you cant afford to archive projects away as you know that you will only need to access them in a matter of days.

Any way ,  I thought it would be great if you could also see  Illustrator thumbnails in a folder.

  1. Download and open the file, (92kb)
  2. Copy aiicon.dll to C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeShell – if the folder “shell”  doesn’t exist create it
  3. Run AI_Thumb.reg (double click on it )
  4. You now can view Adobe Illustrator (AI)  files in Thumbnails view within Windows Explorer.
  5. When in the folder where the .AI files are, Make sure that you select thumbnails from the views drop-down, or you may still see the icon as before.

Beware! Malware has been found to be redirecting to Google’s Search Results.

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Do a search on Google, and you might get an unexpected surprise. A warning notice at the top of your results is warning you that your computer has been infected with malware. The screenshot below shows an example of this happening from a simple search.
SEO Birmingham Search Engine Optimisation

This problem has been causing concern, with the source and type of malware not being given within the details. Google blogs:

This particular malware causes infected computers to send traffic to Google through a small number of intermediatary servers called “proxies”. We hope that by taking steps to notify users whose traffic is coming through these proxies, we can help them update their antivirus software and remove the infections.

This is malware and so un-wanted and potentially threatening, menacing enough that Google are giving search results warnings, but Google is describing the problem itself as an exercise in data analysis. The posted blog doesn’t confirm that the malware is, of course, only a threat to Windows systems and neither does the help page make that clear. The option to ‘Fix’ the problem is merely a suggestion that the user should run an anti-virus program, but without telling the user what malware the anti-virus should be detecting.

If you do get one of these warnings on your computer (running Windows) and don’t already have anti-virus software, it would be a sensible time to get yourself some and run it through your system. However it would also be a little more helpful if Google provided some more details on the type of malware present.

Google, when asked about further information have mentioned;

“We detected a large number of variants of the malware. As a result, naming is not so straight-forward. From a user’s perspective, it is more important to understand their computer is infected and that they should take steps to fix it. You may have noticed that there is a feedback form in our help center for people to report what they have found.”

Therefore as a base procedure get yourself some decent anti-virus software if you own and operate a Windows computer. Malware isn’t new, nor have users of Windows computers been oblivious to it. Indeed, Windows itself will warn you of the need to protect against malware in various ways. I’m pretty sure Windows 7 at least warns you if you don’t have any anti-virus software installed. Get some and post your results to Google if this problem occurs, hopefully this will help clear up the problem efficiently and quickly.

In latest test AdWords appear at bottom of SERPSs.

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It appears that recently Google has been testing a new AdWords placement at he bottom of search engine results pages. Some search engine users have spotted this testing and in the below example there where four AdWords at the bottom of the search results.

SEO BirminghamThe search engine giant is constantly testing new ad placements and formats in an effort to improve its response to certain search criteria. These test are usually shown to a small demographic to begin with and successful ones are eventually rolled out to the general public. If you spot any of these tests please keep us posted.