WordPress.com hit by DDos attack

Birmingham website designersRecently March 3rd WordPress.com was attached.  13 percent 1,000,000 of the biggest website had experienced performance or loss of connectivity due to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Normal service was restored 10 hours after the initial attach.

Evolvenet  have been recommending bespoke Content Managment System (CMS) as apposite to the FREE systems available on the internet also know as open source Content Management System (CMS) right from the start.

So what is an open source cms “system” or should I say what is open source.

The basic explanation is that it is a FREE system, application, forum or a blog you can download and have access to all its original source giving a coder the opportunity to look at, explore and even improve the system. having 100s of developers willing to lend a hand to improve a peace of coding obviously gives this type of system huge strength as well as its biggest weakness.

If your website is being or was developed using an open source system then you will need to insure the files are kept upto date as loopholes are found on a daily bases, hacking instructing / venerabilities are very quickly circulated around the internet and of course what was once a dark art and only something a true hacker could do is very readily available to a basic to advance user.

At evolvenet we always advice that when building your website we use our in-house Content Management System (CMS).  the only time we would suggest open source is if you wanted a blog or a forum on your website. As a blog or forum is not necessarily the main part of your website, merely a stand alone addition being used less then 10% of the time. If this goes down then you don’t loose everything. At evolvenet we value your website and content, we don’t want you to loose anything, after all weather you add one blog a year or 1000 its time you have spent doing so.

At evolvenet we back the database your website data is stored in every night, If need be we can restore it quickly. WordPress is a prime example no website is un-hackable. Sooner or later they allways get in. Better to be safe then sorry, backup all your data.

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