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What is SERPS?

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If you’ve been doing some research on how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help improve your website’s performance, you’ve no doubt come across the word SERP. What is SERP and what does it stand for? It stands for Search Engine Results Page, which is the link to the Web page that populates when you type a keyword into a search engine and it returns a list of results.

The goal of any SEO campaign is to increase your rankings on a given SERP for a desired keyword phrase. So, in honor of the acronym that is so important to SEO, the following is a list of dos and don’ts that will help you get the rankings you want in the SERPs.

Select keywords you can rank for.

If your industry is web design, it wouldnt be a good idea to go for “Web design” or “Website Design”, as these keywords are very difficult to rank for and will take a time consuming campaign for your company to rank with these keywords. You need to choose keywords that your website can rank for and that will be bring targeted visitors to your website.

Earn quality links. One of the best ways to increase your ranking in the SERPs is to build a portfolio of high-quality links that point back to your site. Create great content that others will naturally want to link to and reach out to related websites that may be interested in linking to your site.

Research your competitors’ keywords. Are your competitors ranking in the SERPs for keywords that you want to rank for? Are they targeting keywords that you haven’t considered for your business? Research these keywords and think about how you might be able to apply them to your SEO campaign.

Prepare quality content. Content is king. Good content leads to natural links and search engines generally like to see at least 250 words on a page. Enusre that you have a variety of other content too, videos are a also a great technique to use for SEO. But content isn’t just for the search engines – it’s for your customers, too! Be sure to include content that will add value to your site from a customer perspective. The content is also very important, as this would help to ensure that your website has a high conversion rate.

For more information on how well your keywords are ranking in terms of Google, Bing and other major search engines, feel free to contact Evolvenet Web Design for a free SEO report.

Why should i use Google Places for my business

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If you want to do just one activity that will take you approximately 5 minutes of your time and yield you the most customers for free, this is that one thing you should do. Immediately.

Some quick statistics to get our conversation started:

  • 53% of all Google searches are local or location based
  • Over 70% of mobile searches are local or location based

When does your location matter?

Easy: any time a person is trying to find a product or service close to where they are or based on its proximity to a location. For example, an web design company in Birmingham.

For location-relevant businesses these types of searches are the most important queries that you can hope to win. These queries aren’t you trying to beat out your nationwide or global position for search engine rankings, but are instead highly local-based and often immediate in their conversion from a query to a phone call or physical customer at your location. In some industries (such as restaurants) this conversion percentage has been found (for smartphone users) to equal 30% immediate conversions and 60% conversions within an hour, and 80% go on to eventually make a conversion.

30% conversions immediately and 60% conversions within an hour. These aren’t window shoppers, these are people that are immediately converting to become customers of yours. And guess what they’re using to conduct these local searches? Google Map on iOS (Apple) or Google via their Android phone. The top results are being pulled from Google Places.

Google Places is now Google+ Local
This part may be confusing, but Google used to have a service which is still operational called Google Places. You might have created your business listing in this service, it still exists, you can still edit your existing listings, and in fact you can create new listings.

This is not Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
To be perfectly clear, this is not search engine optimization. This is not part of your website, nor does it comprise of making the content in your website more accessible or optimized for search engines to spider. This is entirely about giving Google the best information possible about your business in their “yellow pages” directory, keeping the profile updated and active, and enabling Google to match queries with the best results. And when the query is a local or location-based search, Google will use this information before using standard search engine results (which is where your SEO might be a factor).

For more information, please feel free to contact Evolvenet Web Design in regards to Google Places and how we can help you set this up.

How To Share Your Google Analytics With Another User

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1. Log in to your Google Analytics account. (Make sure your site was already added before so we can make use of the data.)

2. Select your website

3. On the upper right side of the page, you will see the “Admin” button. Click it.

Click on the Google Analytics Admin Button and then you will come across your websites. Select the website or property that you would like to share with another user.  Then you will need to select user management.

4. Click on the “Users” Tab & click on “+ New User

Click the Users Tab on Google Analytics

5. Add the email address (Google Account, Gmail email address)

– Select “User” if you just want him to have “Read Only” access to reports and he won’t be able to modify anything.

– Select “Administrator” if you want to allow him full access to your data. This will basically allow him to have access permissions like the owner.

– You can then choose to Notify them about this event by checking the checkbox below

– Click on the “Add User” button to finalise.

How to Import Contacts From Outlook Into Thunderbird

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If your business is moving away from Microsoft Outlook and migrating to Mozilla Thunderbird as your email client, you’ll be happy to know that your contacts can move with you. Both programs are compatible with Comma Separated Values, or CSV, files. Importing your Outlook contacts into Thunderbird is a two-stage process that transfers your contacts as a CSV file from one application to the other.

Export Contacts From Outlook

Step 1 –  Launch Outlook. Click “File” and select “Options” from the menu that appears. The Options window opens.

Step 2 –  Click “Advanced” in the Options window.

Step 3 –  Click “Export” under the Export heading. Outlook displays the Import and Export Wizard.

Step 4 – Click “Export to a File” in the Import and Export Wizard. Click “Next.”

Step 5 – Click “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” from the list of available formats under the “Create a File of Type” heading.

Step 6 – Click the contacts folder you wish to export. Folders are listed under the “Select Folder to Export From” heading.

Step 7 – Click “Browse” and navigate to the location on your computer where you would like to save your exported contacts. Click “OK” once you’ve selected a location. Make a note of where you save this file as you will need it again.

Step 8 –  Click the “Next” button in the “Export to a File” box and click “Finish.”

Import Contacts Into Thunderbird

Step 1 – Launch Thunderbird. Click “Tools,” then click “Import” from the drop-down menu that appears. Thunderbird displays the Import window.

Step 2 –  Click the radio button next to Address Books. Click “Next.”

Step 3 –  Click “Text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt)” from the list of available options. Click “Next.”

Step 4 –  Browse to the location where you saved your exported Outlook contacts and double-click on the CSV file.

Step 5 –  Click the check box next to “First record contains field names.”

Step 6 –  Click the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons to match the Outlook contact fields to those in Thunderbird.

Step 7 –  Click “OK” and then click “Finish.” hit by DDos attack

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Birmingham website designersRecently March 3rd was attached.  13 percent 1,000,000 of the biggest website had experienced performance or loss of connectivity due to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Normal service was restored 10 hours after the initial attach.

Evolvenet  have been recommending bespoke Content Managment System (CMS) as apposite to the FREE systems available on the internet also know as open source Content Management System (CMS) right from the start.

So what is an open source cms “system” or should I say what is open source.

The basic explanation is that it is a FREE system, application, forum or a blog you can download and have access to all its original source giving a coder the opportunity to look at, explore and even improve the system. having 100s of developers willing to lend a hand to improve a peace of coding obviously gives this type of system huge strength as well as its biggest weakness.

If your website is being or was developed using an open source system then you will need to insure the files are kept upto date as loopholes are found on a daily bases, hacking instructing / venerabilities are very quickly circulated around the internet and of course what was once a dark art and only something a true hacker could do is very readily available to a basic to advance user.

At evolvenet we always advice that when building your website we use our in-house Content Management System (CMS).  the only time we would suggest open source is if you wanted a blog or a forum on your website. As a blog or forum is not necessarily the main part of your website, merely a stand alone addition being used less then 10% of the time. If this goes down then you don’t loose everything. At evolvenet we value your website and content, we don’t want you to loose anything, after all weather you add one blog a year or 1000 its time you have spent doing so.

At evolvenet we back the database your website data is stored in every night, If need be we can restore it quickly. WordPress is a prime example no website is un-hackable. Sooner or later they allways get in. Better to be safe then sorry, backup all your data.